Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pretty and Pink

I know it is a bit early to start thinking about Christmas when everyone in blogland is thinking Fall and Halloween, but I created these lovely wreaths made from vintage balls in shades of pink, green, silver and white last week before we left for Minnesota. The wreaths are adorned with glittered glass ballet shoes and a sparkling tutu ornament. My daughter received three fabulous parts in the University production of the Nutcracker Ballet and so I made and donated the wreaths for a fundraiser that helps support the ballet. The Nutcracker Tea is in November but it was just easier to transport them by car rather than package and ship two fragile wreaths.

So Beautiful!

Wouldn't this one be perfect as a holiday decoration in a girl's room or hung on a mirror?

I visited a few resale shops in Winona over the weekend. I'll show you my finds later this week.


  1. These turned out so pretty, Mary!! I love them! Julie

    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  3. These wreaths are gorgeous. The sparkling tutu ornament is genius. I love pink and these make me wish I had an all-white living room so I could enjoy these in the center of the action. Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have passed up all the great pink vintage Christmas ornaments I've seen in the thrifts over the past year.

  4. Very very well done!