Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Check Out the Basement

At estate sales I find that you can snatch up some great finds at rock bottom prices when you search the basement, closets and garage first. All of the items I am featuring today were collected from the basement at the last sale.
Check it out the next time you go to a sale!

I love the checkerboard with the delicate china and silver.

A gold filigree perfume bottle, a pretty handmade gold velvet pin cushion trimmed with a millinery flower, a vintage wall thermometer, and a pressed glass spooner sit on the checkerboard.

This cute little dresser tray along with two silver serving pieces just had to come home with me. We have a woods in our backyard that always is filled with violets in spring.

The designs on these vintage checkers are perfect. My two kids have taken to playing a daily game or two since this board and "cool" checkers came home with me. My brother Tom was quite sick when he was little. He had an imaginary friend "Joe" who he always challenged to a game of checkers when he was home in bed. Joe never won. The checkerboard brought back such great memories.

A few wood pieces to repurpose came home as well.

I traveled to Cedarburg yesterday to do a little shopping at Chippy Shabby. Jeanine was so welcoming and helpful. She gets the award for being the sweetest salesperson ever. Check back tomorrow to see what I found.

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