Friday, August 13, 2010

Great Friday Finds

Scouring the tables, beds and cupboards at an Estate Sale today resulted in the most wonderful finds at rock bottom prices.

I could hardly contain myself when I found this beautiful, silk and lace embroidered French pillow covering from World War I.

Was it a gift from a son to his mother?

Or the cherished gift to his sweetheart left behind?

Did he return home?

Was he injured?

Questions only loved ones and the pages of a history book could answer.

Memories from France in a little vignette.

Delicate embroidery, French and American Flags side by side. The colors of the silk threads are just exquisite!

A close-up of the appliquéd lace and detailed handiwork surrounding the entire pillow. Four inches of delicate lace edges the entire pillow cover. GORGEOUS!!!

After snatching this find, I wildly started to dig through the entire stack of linens on the bed only to find another wonderful war souvenir. This embroidered silk hankie case was buried among the blankets.

Delicate light blue silk provides the perfect canvas for the “Emblem of Liberty”.

Inside detail.

I love the screened image of a young soldier and his beloved.

A pocket made of the Stars and Stripes. Yes, we only had 48 states back then.
Somehow I wish I had found a penned note so I could know who was the loved one who was remembered with these beautiful things.

I’ll share the rest of my finds another day.


  1. Great finds! LOVELOVELOVE this pillow!!

  2. Hand embroidery during the Great War (1914 - 1918) is a myth.The automatic ``Schiffli`` embroidery machine was invented in 1898 by Isaac Groebli(The Swiss).By about 1910, France had become the major supplier of embroidered goods.By this time, hand embroidery had been replaced by machined embroidery.
    About 10.000.000 silk embroidery (silk postcards and sweetheart hankies) were made during WW I.
    They are very common in UK.