Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Photos and Cozy Cabins

This past Sunday was our last weekend together as a family before my daughter leaves for college. We decided to take a drive to Door County and have a picnic lunch. I just wanted one more great photo of the two kids together. But as you can see it wasn't going to be. Taking photos of teens is just as difficult as photographing toddlers. When one smiled the other squinted. One wanted their picture taken, the other thought I was nuts. This was the result, but I have a photo and wonderful memories. I couldn't ask for any more. Our family excursion gave me time to dream as well as enjoying my family.

I am longing for a place to design, repurpose and create. A place I could call my own. Inspired by My Shabby Streamside Studio I have been dreaming of my own beautiful cottage. Door County is filled with adorable possibilities.

Possibility? The plastic chairs would have to go.

I have always dreamed of a log cabin nestled in the woods just like this one.

A fixer upper with tremendous possibilities.

It even has two floors. If you look closely you can see how the logs were put together to support the floor of the upstairs. My husband says too much work and too much money. Oh well, I might have to settle for this!

I might just have to see the possibilities in the little shed we already have on out property. It is located in the woods on the back of the property, but perhaps it could be moved and restored. It has knotty pine paneling which I would paint white of course, wonderful wavy glass windows with adorable shutters and a welcoming front door. It would need a new floor and lots of scrubbing to get rid of mold and mildew but it has possibilities. What do you think?

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  1. Why not start on your own property? Fix it up and then if you ever decide to move to a different local .... you'll have a nice little guest cottage or reading cabin to hang out in!

    That's my two cents ...